The Swords of Shadows is a Melee weapon introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a weapon with a glowing purple blade and handle. The hand guard is green. There appears to be a glowing red eye in the middle of the handguard.



  • In Raids, the monsters can see you even when you are invisible. This is evident due to the gray specks that goes within your body.
  • Use this weapon in campaign to avoid enemies.
  • Aim for head to maximize the damage.
  • Try to keep this weapon at full charge, as you will remain invisible for as long as the fire button is held. This is helpful for stealth, especially when used for fending off players that mainly look around instead of moving.
  • Use this to counter Guardian users.
  • It is used for escaping snipers, but make sure to move erratically so he will have a hard time aiming towards you.
  • Use this weapon in Arena, because the mobs can't see you.
  • Just because you're are invisible does not mean you are 100% safe. Enemies can still see your miniature specks around your body.


  • Because you can't really see their body, don't use a weapon with a small projectile. Use flamethrowers and area damage weapons
  • Pick off its users with guns/weapons capable of covering much more distance than this one.
  • It is thought that a fully charged Sword of Shadows is considered a 1 shot weapon and is introduced as so in many compilations. Although not proven, this signifies insane damage, enough to do a hit and run.
  • Much like with the case of the Stealth Bracelet, you can identify invisible opponents as a cluster of white specks.
  • The Sword of Shadows requires a full charge in order to actually turn users invisible and to deal the maximum damage possible with the weapon as well; Try and kill them off with your guns before they can achieve a full charge.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a longer ranged weapon, in case you attempt to pick off snipers.


  • It is the same shape as the Santa Sword and Chip Sword
  • This was added in the 11.1.0 update, along with the Napalm Cannon and the Dracula.
  • This is the only weapon thus far that has the Invisibility attribute.
  • The Sword of Shadows, the Charge Cannon, the Big Fatality Gun, the Orbital Pistol, the Jet Tenderizer, the Energy Drill, and the Charge Rifle are the only weapons thus far that are Charge Shot weapons.
    • The Sword of Shadows is one of the only Melee weapon that has the Charge Shot capability, the other one being the Jet Tenderizer.
  • It seemed to have received a small buff in the 11.3.0 update, where it slightly decreased the time required to fully charge the weapon.
  • In the 16.5.0 update, it has seemed that this is removed from the armory.
  • It was brought back to the Event Chest in 16.6.0.
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