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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D. It isn't in Pixel Gun World!
Pg3D only
The Teddy Bear is a sandbox-exclusive gadget introduced in the 10.1.0 update.

The Teddy Bear in use.


It is a giant teddy bear wearing a reddish-pink bowtie, 3 buttons on its body, 2 arms and legs while the entire costume has a black outline.


It turns its user into a large teddy bear. in first person, you will see that your arms are the same as the costume's itself. When 'attacking', the arms move, but it won't do anything. This might be an animation to "hug" another player, but this is unknown.


Currently, the Teddy Bear costs 6Gem.


  • It acts like the Mechs, but its harmless and only present in Sandbox.
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