The Cook is a boss in the back of Blockmart. It walks up to the player with its Flamethrower and burn the player until he gets the kill. The Flamethrower's range is 2 blocks.


This enemy has the same face idea like the Crook Zombie it has no face as all it has is a mouth with a big chin he has lime skin with a apron with pinkish, purplish, and yellowish. messes on the apron it has small lower Legs with brown, pants a cyan shirt, a apron belt, and a frying pan.


The Cook will run at the player at a medium rate of speed once he’s 2 blocks away he will use his flamethrower until he kills the player. He comes with 6 Black Birds and waits until the player walks pass the green truck so he can chase the player


  • He has a frying pan, but it is only used as decoration.
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