0xBadc0de- 11.0

Many people think that 0xBadc0de is one of the worst weapons in Pixel Gun 3D due to its minimal lethality, but it is one of the best weapons in Pixel Gun 3D, due to a different aspect, harmless rocket jumping.

Here are a few tips in order to improve your skill while using this weapon:

  1. DO NOT use this weapon as an offensive weapon, this weapon is intended for rocket jumping.
  2. When you are at low health use this weapon to escape.
  3. DO NOT spam this weapon when rocket jumping or you will waste all of your ammunition, and will have no potential exceeded OXBADCODE rocket-jumping fire-entity ammunition.
  4. Don't jump before rocket jumping, otherwise, you won't have a boost on escaping on the main layer where you fight.
  5. It's impossible to damage yourself with this weapon so don't worry about your health when rocket jump.
  6. When playing Point Capture, use this to blast away enemies who is in a zone, but switch to efficient weapons to kill them, in case if they prefer revenge.
  7. Also, if you got located by a sniper, you can keep shooting him/her (he/she will get blasted away) to avoid getting killed. However, due to its slow bullet travel time, it is best to use it in a shorter range.
  8. You can use this weapon for fast traveling in large maps in Flag Capture, where it makes the weapon extremely useful, and could make the enemies rage.
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