• I really hate having to make a highlighted thread for issues like this, but it has unfortunately got to the point where it’s necessary. Please, when adding or updating images for articles, please make sure that it is up to date and cropped properly. I’ve made a guide here on how to and not to crop images. Please use it for reference or message me or any of the staff if you have any questions or concerns. For the past few weeks, I’ve seen a somewhat increase of improper image cropping or lack of image cropping. Me and other users have been fixing them and I’ve tried to see if it would “die down” in time, but unfortunately, it has became almost like a trend. If you can’t crop images, either don’t add an improper image, or send the images to either me or the rest of the staff, and we’ll crop the images or add images ourselves. I’m not going to say who, and I request that no names are dropped on who’s been adding these types of images. I appreciate those who’ve been adding proper images, and especially those who actually take time to fix the improper images. Also, as a reminder, inappropriate images are not allowed. If you see any inappropriate images or anything that’s against the rules in general, please report it to me or any of the staff. Please keep images appropriate. If you’re not sure on the general rules of the Wiki, please check them out here. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from editing and adding images, au contraire, I’m just trying to encourage users to edit slightly more precisely.

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    • Further notices/suggestions

      • DO NOT include the armory in the photos
      • DO NOT take a picture of your screen with another device. That’s the worst possible thing you can do
      • DO NOT post outdated photos, even if there is no change in the stats (unless it says in the caption “old”)
      • DO NOT edit the photos, the only thing you can change is cropping
      • DO NOT leave out the efficiency bar
      • DO NOT post pictures in a foreign language, this is an English wiki
      • DO NOT post pictures with irrelevant/inappropriate names. A good name would be “Nanobots Rifle.jpeg”, NOT “image (2).jpeg” or “Thisguniscrap.jpeg”


      • Add a descriptive caption (I.e. The Nanobots Rifle in the Armory)
      • I usually prefer pictures with sizes 244x244px
      • How to screenshot: On iOS, press both the screen off button and the home button, same for most android devices. Someone tell me how to screenshot for iPhone X.
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    • @Supriseyou1

      For your further notices/suggestions:

      1. Yes, crop the image to where only the stats and weapon are shown. If you’re updating any of the base or Up1 pages, just crop it to the weapon, if you do have the Up1, or if the weapon is already maxed out for you.

      2. Yes, we can all agree on that one lol.

      3. I agree, only do so for weapons itself that had a reskin (Not weapons that were added that are a reakin of the original weapon). An example of this is the Plasma Rifle. And no, the option to add the gold camo doesn’t count. Also, stuff like that are very rare, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on RiliSoft making huge changes to the current weapon designs anytime soon.

      4. Yes, only crop the images. No need to draw on them, or add any filters.

      5. This one is little bit complicated. You should only crop out the stats if you don’t have the weapon or if your weapon is maxed. Depending on the weapon, like if it’s a Crate/Special Event weapon, there’s no need to crop out the stats.

      6. Yes, please only English content when editing articles.

      7. Keep image names and images appropriate. If either one is not appropriate, it will be edited o removed, and you will receive a warning or ban.

      For your suggestions:

      For iOS, adding images via an iPad can get annoying. For one, numerous glitches seem to occur sometimes. What Imlike to do is screenshot the weapon, email it to myself, then crop it on my PC.

      This is apparently how you screenshot on an iPhone X.

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    • Ok thanks for confirming my regulations ;)

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    • Yeah, NP. Hopefully this highlighted thread will do something to help users.

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    • When the hell did cropping pictures seem so complicated to pull off? I remember that when I still was editing on this wiki, a basic crop with only the weapon info was enough. I didn't to read an entire guideline about it.

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    • Well, it's became an issue, I've waited a few weeks, but a few users made a cropping mistake, and it cause like a chain reaction of other users making those mistakes. :/

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    • Thx for this

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    • You're welcome.

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    • Alright.

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    • A FANDOM user
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