• Hi, I'm new in this game.¬† And I have a few questions about craft building items.

    In this moment, I'm 22 lvl. As a part of game, its possible equip in my lobby different items that enhance or provide different skills. In this case I will use FENCE, as an example.

    Having then this different options to compare:

    1. Military fence: Cost: 25 gold; Result: +Increases the effectiveness of wear
    2. Cute fence: Cost: 35 gold; Result: Increases the effectiveness of wear
    3. Forged fence: Cost: 65 gold; +Increases the effectiveness of wear
    4. Stone walls: Cost: 110 gold; Result: Increases the effectiveness of wear

    Taking into account that the "+" at the beginning indicates that the effect is "greater" or "with more effect", the following questions arise:

    1. Is there any real difference between this fences?
    2. Why are there fences cheaper, come with the "+" included, in comparison with other expensive that do not?
    3. When comparing Military vs Forged fence, which would have a better or greater effect?

    Thank you very much for your answers and help.

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    • The stat boosts from those fences are minor, meaning they have no difference aside from apperance. So a Military Fence would have the same effect as the Forged fence because they are in the same category.

      The second question I guess is entirely on cosmetic apperance, some crafting items are more expensive because it would appeal to many people, similar to skins in Fortnite.

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    • Thanks for your answer¬† Minecraftian47, Is it the same for gates, roads, backgrounds and others??

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    • Yes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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