• So, I've collected some 1200 modules so far, of every kind.

    To get this going I'll start by posting all of the combinations for special abilities!

    EDIT: Finally got that last Module! Have updated the image for Melee abilities.

    Primary Mod Abilities
    BackUp Mod Abilities
    Melee Mod Abilities
    Special Mod Abilities
    Sniper Mod Abilities
    Heavy Mod Abilities
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    • This is very useful for the Module page, thanks for sharing.

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    • Is there a Module page up yet? Couldn't find one... I'm planning a list of all mods and what they do, with effect for all levels I've gleaned so far. But it's half past midnight here now and I'm going to bed soon.

      OK, found it. Looks like the same kind of mess I'd make... ;-) I've got some data to add to that, but formatting really isn't my thing. Or it is, but apparently not on this forum!

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    • You can add it in, other people can clean up.

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    • Yes, I'll put it in there. I've got several lvl III mods, which show the stats for the next lvl as well, so should be able to contribute.

      Are the images good or would you like others? I can even turn up the resolution of my phone, or leave them uncropped if you have a certain preferred format. I just cropped these in Google Photos, with the touchpad, so not exactly precision work, even if they turned out pretty decent.

      And BTW, what's with the formatting on this forum? I'm actually the kind of nut that can use a couple of fonts, in several sizes, colours & typesets, with lists and bullet points, etc, for just a forum post. But here it just collapses on itself and turns to disorganized muck! (Or returns an error message and disappears forever). I know that it's not on you but on Fandom, but if there is a way to enable an "advanced editor" for posting, I'd really appreciate it!

      I'm an old fart who has been focused on other things in life besides computers (even if I've been tinkering since DOS on a 60 MHz 486 CPU was "the shit"). But at 40 I can, and do, still Own the dancefloor at all night rave parties, and musicians & DJs come and thank Me for dancing after their gigs! :-D Time well spent in my book, but nowadays I just want computers to do what I want with no hassle, or I just leave it.

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    • So... they went and changed pretty much everything regarding Modules. Chests, prices, bonuses...

      And weapon prices have doubled for Legendaries and tripled for Mythicals.

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    • Is it me or after 16.3.0 patch update my game is a lot less laggy?

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    • No combination for armour yet?

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    • Really useful!

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    • Mlgdash wrote: Is it me or after 16.3.0 patch update my game is a lot less laggy?

      More like both.

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    • LDR NooBPlayz wrote:
      No combination for armour yet?

      No indication of combos for armour whatsoever, so I guess there aren't any. As of yet anyway.

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    • Imp116 wrote:

      No indication of combos for armour whatsoever, so I guess there aren't any. As of yet anyway.


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    • They keep changing things, but I guess that is to be expected with an entirely new system. Just glad that I already had a decent amount of every type of Module before they reduced the number of types in the chests! As it is now, it will take forever to just get at least one of every type!

      Strategy wise, I started with the goal of getting three weapons in each category, with lvl 2 mods and one each of every "Element"(& combo). Still don't have all varieties in every type, but enough to move on to the next priority.

      …which is one weapon per category (my regular loadout) with all lvl 3 Mods. This I have finished, although a few mods are left at lvl 2 because it is pointless to get the third, eg: Alien Blaster has Drum Mag 2 since 20% of 8 rounded down is still just one more shot, as is 15%.

      Next step is to get at least one lvl 3 Mod of Every type, for the ability to put any combination together, should the need arise. Starting of course with my second favourite/used weapons and with a thought for what is needed for Raids and other modes.

      Of course I don't follow this blindly and from time to time one weapon gets top priority because I want it. For example I have had two Heavy weapons with 3×3 mods for quite a while, but I still have a few hours left before I can finish the first 3×3 Melee, which is the last category to reach that milestone.

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    • Has anyone tried and tested if "Reduced dispersion" (eg Butt ó rifle) affects the spread of Shotguns? Could be very nasty indeed!

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    • A FANDOM user
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