• You may have seen a lot of players in Pixel gun 3d. They all have their own abilities and facts you may not know about. Or they could just be normal players like everyone else. They could be little kids, or teens, or adults. But do you know the types of players inside Pixel gun? Let’s find out. Now of course, this is not 100% accurate, but it should be close. If you think it’s not that accurate, please let me know and tell me what I should change or add.

    1. The normal player. These are quite common to find ingame, as they are mostly people that play like normal people. Using their primaries most of the time, or using a weapon with another weapon.

    2. The noob. Ah yes, the noob(I do NOT want you to call some of the pixel gun youtubers a stupid noob, despite it sometimes being the truth! I just want this to be a positive, happy place. Or whatever you would like to call it.). The player that only uses noob weapons, or the player that has very little or no aiming skill. These players are quite interesting to play against, since their level of skill are quite easy to counter. Be careful though, you’re better off not calling the noobs “noobs”. As they could get angry and you might get in trouble. But hey, who knows?

    3. The pro. We all want to be a pro someday. Right? The pros in Pixel gun are generally players with a skillful weapon of choice, or players with very good aim. Not all pros do 3 cat spam, as not all of the Pixel gun community consider 3 cat spam a “Pro tactic.” Some might even call 3 cat spamming a noob strategy! But it sort of depends what weapons you use. Anyways, what was I saying? Oh right! Pros are mostly players that have been in the game for quite some time. There are different types of pros. The pey to WEEN pro, the not-so pey to WEEN pro, and the completely f2p pro.

    4. The try hard. I never understood what “tryhards” are, but they are mostly players that take the game a bit too seriously. Some, I mean most of them, tend to ruin the fun for everyone else, by showing off their amazing skills to everyone else. Tryhards can be toxic sometimes, so you’re better off disabling chat.

    5. The hacker. Pretty much every game must have some sort of hacker, like Fortnite, Minecraft, roblox, and other games besides Pixel gun. These type of players just want everything in the game without spending a penny, or they are noobs that use hacks to improve themselves. Some of them, want free weapons to show of their skills. The worst type of hackers is the hackers with infinite health, flying, and go thru walls. Let’s just hope all hackers will be banned one day.

    This is not rlly inside the game but some of them can be found inside of the game.

    6. The haters outside the game. If you’re wondering what the people that write hate comments or negative criticism, like “PixEl gUn SUxXxXxxxXxxxxxSssSsssss!!!!!!!” Or “PiXel GuN DEVs DeserVe 2 dIe!!! AgReeeee with MEeeeeeeeeE!!!,” Or anything like that are called, they are generally called “haters”. Or whatever you like to call them. They are just people or players that want to express their opinions about the game, although SOMETIMES they go over the line and get way too defensive by claiming that their opinions are the “ugly truths about this game”. And to make matters worse, SOME of them want you to agree with them! These types of people or players should not exist(facts!) and if they do exist, the least they can do is write their criticism or opinions in a way that is generally positive. Or at least with no negativity. But some of these people/players just won’t agree with someone that disagrees with their opinions.

    If there’s anything I missed, tell me.

    Alrighty, bye bye!

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    • The veterans- players like me who’ve been playing since the near beginning, and still like to use older weapons to this day, despite them being power-crept.

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    • How do you classify my weapon loadouts as stipulated in my profile page?

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    • EC14: I'd say that players like you belong to the Pro category, in that you are not making it easy for yourselves.

      Matthew: looks like pretty accuracy dependent weapons, so as long as you can actually be effective with them, you're a Pro, otherwise a Pro in training! ;-)

      I myself kind of straddle several categories, or perhaps I'm just evolving right now. I've been quite the n00b for a long time, relying heavily on Area weapons (the overwhelming majority of my kills have been done with the A-Bomber, Primal Beast and Hedgehog) and high volume of fire (ChPM, FPR, Neutralizer).

      As my skills have improved and I have become at times extremely deadly with my arsenal of maxed out n00by guns, I may well have been seen as a tryhard, even if I think that even fewer players would identify with that category than the n00b.

      But during leveling up to 55 after the update, I have been using weapons that I have got along the way, which have included the Portalium rifle, Revolver Sniper rifle & Reflector, and I upgraded my Exterminator to 53 as well (can't remember the exact reason). I recently went for the challenge of getting 25 headshot kills, using the Reflector and Exterminator in Pool party Deathmatch and quickly realised that I am a pretty decent shot! 9 headshot kills in the first match, 10 in the next and possibly even more the third time around! And I won the second one, without spraying rockets and bombs all around me!

      So even if I have upgraded my trusty old Hedgehog & Primal Beast first of all, the Portalium rifle is next in line and the Exterminator stays in my default loadout. A first step toward Pro?!

      (I got the SFR @55 from a chest and am loving it, with Butt ó rifle III, and it being one of very few Mob 85 primaries remaining. Which is why primaries are low on the priority list).

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    • Imp116 wrote:

      Matthew: looks like pretty accuracy dependent weapons, so as long as you can actually be effective with them, you're a Pro, otherwise a Pro in training!

      Thanks! The bold ones indicate that they are most used by me as of recently. :)

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    • Ender Creeper14 wrote: The veterans- players like me who’ve been playing since the near beginning, and still like to use older weapons to this day, despite them being power-crept.

      Some OG weapons are still powerful to this day.

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    • Mlgdash wrote: 6. The haters outside the game.

      Yeah... in another game I play (Tanki Online), that game lasted almost 10 years. And its 10th birthday is coming up in June 4th.

      I was in game chat today and a random player screamed "I want to see Tanki completely disappear by the end of the year." I was in shock cuz I love that game.

      Five years ago, Tanki was popular: over 150k players online per day (at the highest). 20k. Sad eh? But 10 years now, losing players is normal. Let's face it, regardless how good the game is, game loses its player over time. _______________________________________________________________________

      I faced an Anti-Tanki opinion in a library in my neighborhood (they all Chinese and they choose to play Minecraft or something else). A Chinese Minecrafter (he is goes to my ex-middle school right now and his name is Jimmy) opinionized:

      "Tanki sucks. Minecraft is da best". By what I mean, they play BlocksMC, HyPixel and bunch of other servers.

      Me asking "Then what about your friends at school like?"

      "Minecraft. They hate Tanki. They love Minecraft. "

      "But why?"

      "It just, garbage."

      Oh FYI, in a library @ my neighborhood, most of Chinese who are playing Minecraft are in 1st floor (teen) and second floor (children). And that number is at least 90 percent!

      I used to be with those crowd, but not anymore.

      One time I was using one of the computer in teen section (5 in total), that Jimmy made a reservation on the computer. I was using the computer making Zh-En translation @ Vocaloid Lyric Wikia. Other 4 patrons... they all playing Minecraft BlocksMC. Except me.

      Me asking "Um, why you reserved me." (When you make a reservation on computers, the system targets the computer that has the shortest amount of time left.)

      Him: "Because you are not playing Minecraft."

      -*Me spamming F-barrage in Chinese and English.* _______________________________________________________________________ Other time....

      -*Me reserved Computer number 2*

      I told Computer #2's patron (his name is Jason) who was playing BlocksMC:

      "Dude, I got your computer." *Shows him the reservation receipt*

      "Dude why me??? Can you plz cancel the reservation?"

      "Why do you want me to cancel?"

      "Because I want to play."

      "Then what do you want me to do?"

      "Get others' computer, anyone but me."

      "Sorry M8, I have no choice." _______________________________________________________________________

      One month later....

      -*Me using computer #1 for Deltamath homework (it does not accept late homework), playing Tanki and Vocaloid Lyric Wikia Zh-En translations*

      5 minutes later... *Time ended cuz someone got me* And it was a random dude this time and use the computer to watch a random anime... And my Deltamath progress was more than 80% done.

      ....*Me using another library card and reserved #2* That whinny Jason was using it (P.S I was not picking on him for bullying). I have to use his computer, regardless or not, to get the homework done or I will get a zero on my grade. As usual, he becomes whinny and pleading when someone reserves his computer. My grade vs his fun on a game? My grade is much more crucial.

      When I hop on to computer #2 for getting Deltamath done, a security guy(he knows me), told me "Mike (my IRL name, but not my government name), the librarian wants to speak with you."

      Oh god... she (librarian) must have caught me using second session.

      "How did you have another session?"

      "I'm using another library card."


      "A friend of friend."

      "What are you using it for?"

      "Getting the homework done."

      "I'm sorry, but you have to end the session immediately."

      "Wait! Before that, let me get one homework question answered."

      "Ok. Save what you have and I will give you a guess pass."

      -*Ends the session."

      "Here is the guess pass Mike. Next time if you need to finish a project/homework but someone reserves your computer, come see me and I will give you a guess pass. Using multiple library cards for computer session or borrowing library material is strictly prohibited and your card might even get frozen from using computers at any New York Public Library Branch again. Do you under understand?"

      "Yes ma'am." ______________________________________________________________________

      Ya know how Jason reacted this time???

      "I lost my session because of you."

      "Sorry Jason, but I have to get the homework done."

      20 minutes later... *Finally finished my Deltamath* That was 2 close. Thank god I have another library card. _______________________________________________________________________ Long story short?

      Sometime when you need to get something done, you may have to take away something desired from an individual.

      An opinion is opinion, you can't force them to change their mind.

      AND.... Make sure do thing by the rule. Or you will face the consequence.

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    • Ender Creeper14 wrote: The veterans- players like me who’ve been playing since the near beginning, and still like to use older weapons to this day, despite them being power-crept.

      Haven't use my OG weapons for a long time now....

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    • Ahh. I used my Tesla Cannon, Easter Bazook, and Last Kiss. :p

      I'm trying to get enough Gems to upgrade my Brave Patriot and Water Rifle.

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    • Tesla cannon sux, Easter bazooka might be 1 shot, don't know about last kiss...

      Brave patriot could be decent with skill, Water rifle isn't that good...

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    • The Easter Bazooka is a 1-shot to those who haven't devoted into armor upgrades, the Last Kiss is surprisingly powerful, but is only viable in super close range. It can potential 2-3 headshot. the Testa Cannon is good for trolling in Silent school. I haven't tried the Brave Patriot yet, and I want to upgrade it before so. As for the Water Rifle, I'll probably use it as a troll weapon.

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    • Well, I don't have the Tesla cannon, so I dont know if it's op or weak as heck. If it's balanced.....

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    • How about the retro weapons as of now?

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    • wadaya mean?

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    • Mlgdash wrote:
      Well, I don't have the Tesla cannon, so I dont know if it's op or weak as heck. If it's balanced.....

      The Tesla Cannon has a mediocre damage with a high fire rate. I wouldn't say it's low, cause it's not like the shots don't do anything, but it's not high to the point it rivals like the Big Buddy. But it does have a scary damage output and is a good counter to the Ghost Lantern, as it has knockback like a truck.

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    • Mlgdash wrote: wadaya mean?

      Such as Combat Rifle, SWAT Rifle, Ranger Rifle, Future Rifle from the older versions to name the few.

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    • some of the retro weapons are balanced now, while others are kinda underpowered.

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    • Any reaction, thoughts about my long comment?

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    • UberMillennium RailgunPro wrote:

      LOL BTW, that kid Jason also reacted when I do Zh-En trans.

      "Ew, who does that?"

      "I do. Minecraft junkies."

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    • What do you think of the Hero as of now?

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    • MatthewGo707 wrote: What do you think of the Hero as of now?

      Never tried so I do not know.

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    • 10 shots?? 20 shots???????

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    • Mlgdash wrote: 10 shots?? 20 shots???????

      Hope it's 6 headshot kill

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    • A FANDOM user
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