• Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, however I've played the game for quite some time. I couldn't help but notice you have map pages for all of the campaign maps, however you have no pages for any of the multiplayer maps! With your permission, I would like to commence creation of the multiplayer map pages (these would involve all existing multiplayer maps in Cooperative and Deathmatch, as well as the Deadly Games maps.

    Also, I believe you guys should heavily update and add new weapons pages, nobody has even posted the weapons that exist in Deadly Games (such as the Uzi or the bolt-action sniper rifle).

    However, if nobody will respond, then I'l simply commence creation of these pages when I'm available.

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    • Alright, I have made almost all of the multiplayer maps pages (I still need to do Aztec Temple, however I'm a bit rusty on the details of that map). I need someone to make a subcategory for the Multiplayer Maps on the the Maps category page.

      I also plan to make pages relating to the Nuclear Launcher and the Doomsday flamethrower, as I have no screenshots of the Apocalypse 3000 or the lower-grade flamethrower.

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