• Hello I am back Since i am not Active for few days so I Invite to my clan 

    How to Join?

    Simple add me and search my Id or name

    My name:ALPHA_NEXUS


    and i invite you to my clan

    Level Requirement:11 or up

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    • Your welcome to but simple one Rule Don't curse don't Swear don't be unfair 

      Well that's it And Happy Adding me!

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    • I added you I guess

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    • Thecoldestmarksmen wrote: one Rule

      Don't curse don't Swear don't be unfair

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    • SORRY about that the official rules are many

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    • So anyone wants to join

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    • ok this is the offical rules

      1 be sportive any Unsportiveness will cause you to force you to send you warnin

      2 Crap or damn may be used but f word or d word never use kind of swearin like f word or b word 

      If you swear i forced you to seduce girls in sandbox

      3 1st rule of Ritter Tradition Regeln you must greet the leader anyone spotted not doin that i give you warnin and i force you to Seduce 10 girls in sandbox mode 

      4 when speakin with the leader use this term Auge Um Auge means direct contact with the leader 

      No penalty when Not doin this 

      5 in Mafioso Tradition Regeln 10th rules you can be co leader,assistant brigadier and Pawns 

      no penalty if not doin this

      6 Please don't be So Arrogant at the match if you spotted doin that I Warnin you to uninstall the game and reinstall back but don't use the account 

      7 Racism Is Restricted If I saw you usin n word i will Delete you out from my clan for breakin the rule

      To avoid penalty if you Broke 7 rules of NEXUS_OVERWATCH

      here is the tip

      break the 1st rule penalty Counter:ule refrain from matchin with beginners

      break the 2nd rule penalty counter :just use Altrenate of it like Darn or What?

      break the 3rd rule penalty counter:please do it gently If you greet the leader

      break the 4th rule penalty penalty just Do it if you want this rule to live!

      break the  5th rule penalty counter:No penalty.....

      break the 6th rule penalty counter:refrain from rude words in match or Arroganism just be cool :-)

      break the 7th rule Penalty counter:never use n words or Subdue players to Out from my clan just welcome them!

      Remember my clan is for everyone!

      Watch Dogs everything is connected 045840

      I will monitor your attitudes -COOL PLAYA Formerly ALPHA_NEXUS

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    • "If you swear i forced you to seduce girls in sandbox"

      Really? Is this some kind of joke?

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    • Leaders can give penalty only but no joke to avoid that penalty just read the seven ways to avoid penalty

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    • A FANDOM user
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