Three Category Spamming or as known for short Three Cat Spam or Quick Switching is when a player quickly fires their one-shot weapon and then quickly switches to 2 other one-shot weapons. The weapons used are usually wall-break weapons, and the three categories are sniper, special, and backup. This practice is also paired with spamming one-shot heavy weapons such as the Christmas Ultimatum, using high mobile melees, and primaries such as the Black Mamba as a backup. The player also may Rocket Jump while doing this. 
3 Category spam tutorial

3 Category spam tutorial

Weapons Used


  • Kill the users of this strategy using high damage weapons like the Secret Forces Rifle.
  • Snipe them with high damage and DPS snipers.
  • Use area damage weapons such as the Electromagnetic Cannon.
  • Slow down weapons can affect the Three Category Spammer if they are rocket jumping.
  • Being a Three Category Spammer yourself can be effective when countering.
  • Try to avoid being on the ground considering the fact that 3 cat spammers rely on you being on the ground.


  • It now takes significantly longer to switch weapons than it was previously for balancing purposes.
  • The Anti-Champion Rifle has been removed as it was a weapon in the sniper category that people used to three cat spam. It was re-added again.
  • There is a glitch where the player can do the three category spam using the Comet.
    • It was patched in the 15.99.0 update.
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