The Thunder Spell is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 10.4.0 update.


This weapon is a purple spell book with two pages with a lightning bolt on one page and a figure with a purple sort of effect on the next page.


This weapon has normal damage, an average rate of fire, average capacity and normal mobility.


  • Use this weapon in medium to short range battles, even though it is a sniper weapon, which perform best at long ranges
  • Even though this weapon has area damage, you can still get headshots. Use that advantage to maximize damage.
  • Don't be fooled, do not use this in long range, as this is a "sniper" without a scope.
  • Use this in close to medium range because even if this is categorized as a sniper, it is not scoped.
  • Go against lower armored or weakened players for easier kills.
  • Dodge left and right while jumping and damaging your target at the same time.
  • Higher grounds help you bombard targets from above.


  • Try to attack the users of this weapon with an automatic weapon since it has a low fire rate.
  • Pickoff its users from long ranges, as it has no scope although listed in the Armory (PG3D) as a Sniper.
  • Dodge left and right while jumping and damaging your opponent at the same time.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip an automatic primary/backup weapon to finish off weakened opponents.


  • This, the Hunger Bow, Crossbow, all are Sniper weapons without a scope.
  • This weapon used to be available to use in Sniper Forts, but it was later removed.
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