The Tiger is a Legendary Pet that was introduced in the 14.1.0 update.


It is a Bengal Tiger That has green eyes, black stripes, a long tail and a brown nose. It also has teeth to grip enemies and players. It has three claws in its feet and it has whiskers. Its hind legs can easily run through players if you get to far.


  • A level 1 Tiger does moderate damage til players that cause damage. It is noticed that it was a excellent hunter.
  • Speaking about carnivores, it raises the predator high pressure blood attacks. Such as Lions, Foxes, Wolves, Dinosaurs and Other pets that are “Bleeding”.


  • Meaningless that the Tiger was strong, but not that easy, it is recommended that it will take it to aim it with a gun.
  • If So, there will be that the Tiger will get damage to a strong weapon (30 efficiency).


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 6 15 Default None
2 6 15 70 Coin 2
3 6 15 110 Coin 3
4 6 15 150 Coin 4
5 6 15 190 Coin 5
6 6 15 160 Gem 6
7 6 15 200 Gem 7
8 6 15 300 Gem 8


  • The Tiger has the same stats like the other Legendary Pets.
  • Its one Single Bite can deal Damage to other Players.
  • The same versions of this Pet, it is identical to base off Rajah from Aladdin, one of the Tigers from Dumbo, Tigger from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Raja from Goofy: Tiger Trouble and Goliath II and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book. All was made by Disney.
Lion and Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger.

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