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The Torpedo Launcher is a Heavy weapon added in the 15.6.0 update.


It takes the appearance of a submarine that would fire torpedos, it has a pistol grip near the propeller.


This weapon has high damage, moderate fire rate, low capacity, and decent mobility.


  • Use this against multiple enemies to maximize its area damage potential.
  • The weapon fires burst shots, allowing the user to severely damage multiple enemies in a single burst.
  • Watch out for ammo, since it carries only 6 ammo on use.
  • Switch to high mobility weapon since it has 65 mobility (probably 100 in legacy).
  • The recommended range for this weapon is short to medium. Time your shots to conserve ammo.
  • Keep your distance when damaging multiple enemies, since you will be under collateral damage in doing so.


  • Engage its users from long ranges.
  • The users can't hit most aerial units, so Rocket Jump or use the Jetpack against them. This tip can be applied to any slow-moving projectile weapons.
  • Use a decent melee weapon on users with a low sensitivity. you can usually tell if they are a low sensitivity player.
  • Use the Reflector gadget to render its users less enthusiastic in hitting you.
  • Any fast-fire rate weapons can overwhelm its users when he is having a cooldown.
  • Better yet, attack its users from behind so he will not be given time allowance to counteract.


Submarine/millitary themed.


  • It is the only weapon that is submarine-themed.
  • It is one of the Heavy weapons that fires in bursts.
  • You must reach level 55 before it is possible to unlock this weapon, therefore making it exclusive to level 55 players.
  • Although this is clearly a different submarine, the idea of a submarine used as a handheld weapon could be a reference to the Steel Diver from the Super Smash Bros. series.
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