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The Trader's Van is a shop-like feature in Pixel Gun 3D.



The Trader's Van sells weapons that are only available for a limited time. This may include weapons from all categories and of all rarities. The weapons sold usually correspond to a specific theme, with the Trader's Van itself changing appearance to match the theme.

The weapons can only be bought for the duration of the Trader's Van, with the duration lasting anywhere from 2-20 days. Once the Trader's Van leaves, the weapons may no longer be purchased and will only appear in the armoury for owners (although the weapons may return as part of another limited-time Trader's Van or as part of the Super Lottery).


  • The Trader's Van sells Weapons at extremely high costs, so buying them is not recommended as they perform virtually the same, or sometimes even worse than normal weapons, making it not worth it.
  • A possible reason for the high cost is the fact that all the guns are only available for a limited time, making them rare and therefore costing more.
    • However, you can obtain most Trader’s Van items from the Gallery.
  • You cannot view the Trader's Van in Offline Mode.

List of Trader's Van Exclusive Weapons

List of Trader Van's Non-Exclusive Weapons

The weapons in this list can be bought from both the Trader's Van and Armory, with the benefit of being fully leveled if bought from the Trader's Van.

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