Train Robbery is a multiplayer map introduced in the 15.5.0 update.


The map takes place on a canyon train track in which a train carrying cargo has been stopped by destruction of the bridge in front of it.

Each team has a spawn area embedded in each corner of the map, which contains a large ammo box and a sealed off mine entrance.

In the middle of the map contains the robbed train, where the cargo of gold bars and other valuables of the train is currently being robbed. The train consists of several open boxcars and flatbeds containing pick-ups.

On the left side of the train, in front of the red team's spawn, there is a cave containing ores and several mining equipment such as pickaxes and explosives.

On the right side of the train, in front of the blue team's spawn, there is a cliff side containing wooden planks acting as bridges. This leads to the red team's spawn and the front of the train.

The mine and the cliff side are both connected by a tunnel leading to the middle of the train.


  • Avoid getting spawn trapped in your team's spawn, move out of the area quickly while the mercy period is still in effect.
  • The boxcars are open and can be used to hide inside or get pickups.
  • Be careful when using weapons with area damage as one could easily misfire too close to themselves and fall to their death.
  • The middle of the map is where snipers and long range weapons are effective due to the lack of cover and a long range of sight.


  • The sign near the train in front of the destroyed bridge reads "Ghost Town 50 miles", meaning that both maps take place in the same area.


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