Removed Symbol
This is a removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
Removed Symbol
Both PG
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Both PG

This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you want to see the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Speed Potion.


The Turbo Potion was a gear item added in the 8.1.0 update.


It looks like the Elixir from the very old updates but blue instead of purple. It has a set of beige wings at the neck of the bottle.


It increases the user's speed and jump for 3 minutes.


It costs 2Coin for each potion.


  • It was removed in the 2014 Christmas update for unknown reasons.
  • It is a mix of the Potion of Haste and the Potion of Anti-Gravity.
  • The wings seen on the bottle is a common symbol of 'lightness' or 'speed', originating from the common concept of Hermes' (messenger of Greek Mythology) appearance, who has small wings on his footwear.
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