Thanks to DerpMasterYT for writing this.

First tutorial as a chat moderator...

Here goes nothing.

EDIT: Doing this is not recommended. This is called boosting. In some games boosting can get you banned. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE DESPERATE

Event Key Farming

Oh look, a new update released and you're excited for it! But there's one problem: You don't have enough keys/gems/coins to earn any items and they are only there for a limited time! Don

Want this??

't worry as I have a solution that is helpful and easy. Now you may be wondering, how does my plan differ? Well in mine, you will only need to stick to one gamemode to farm, allowing you to rest easy for gaining the items. 

To begin starting, you will need 3 things:

1. A trustworthy friend. Or a mini account.

Find someone who can be trusted as a random could cheat you out and ruin the farming process.

2. At least reach Adamant League so you don't have to worry about trophies.

Best to hit 3000 and then can some in regular play before farming.

3.A decent loadout.

You will need to use whatever you have in case you can't find a trusty person.

Ok here's the scoop: Before Squads were added, you would invite your friend/mini account to a duel and hope he joined. You two would then take turns each round winning. Say I wanted to earn keys for an event. Me and my friend/mini account would switch roles and farm until we had enough keys to get what we wanted. With Squads, simply invite your friend/mini account and pick your map. Easy as that. Choose a small map as you can find each other easier.

Warning: Now this is a good strategy, but its also somewhat cheat. Sometimes you might be focused on the item and not you friend receiving his share. Just make sure to take turns. 

Allow this process to take up a lot of time. Cause it can.

Again, thanks to DerpMasterYT for writing this.

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