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Tutorials are helpful guides to help players at games. A tutorial usually shows how to do something or do it better, whether it is a Pixel Gun 3D tutorial or a Pixel Gun World tutorial. 

Tips on writing a Pixel Gun Tutorial

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This is how a tutorial should be usually written.

1. Opening paragraph; state a bit on what you're going to make a tutorial about.

2. Pictures: All tutorials need pictures for people to have a visual on what you're trying to say, it at least a slightly easier understanding.

3. Body: Well, it's not a tutorial without the tutorial part.

4. Poll: It's helpful to have a poll at the end of your tutorial asking if your tutorial was useful or not. 

Rules to writing a Tutorial

  1. Name your tutorial something simple like "Coin Farming" or "Weapon Countering".
  2. Use appropriate language at ALL times.
  3. The only category that can be added is Tutorials. Don't add extra categories.
  4. Do not harass any users or their tutorials when you write your tutorial.

If any of the following rules are broken, you risk having your tutorial deleted. Rules are subject to change.

Editing a Tutorial

  1. Do not edit someone else's tutorial without their permission. Doing so is just as bad as editing someone's profile page. You can only edit it if you got extra tips and/or found grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. When you edit a tutorial, it's always very helpful to add an edit summary so your readers can understand what you edited.

Commenting Policies on Tutorial Pages

  • No cursing of any kind.

  • No harassing the writer of the tutorial.

  • Constructive critisism is welcome on tutorial pages but not in a rude way that could make the writer feel bad.

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