The Ultra Beam is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 15.6.0 update. It can obtained for being the top player in the Pro League tournament.


The weapon has a neon or future type look to it with a long black/gray scope with a little red glass and a big circle near the end of the gun.



  • Use it like a beefed up Prototype or a weakened Prototype S, every shot must count even when maxed out, as it has less ammo than both of them.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • Like most similar weapons, the wall break is not that powerful. It should be only utilized if the enemy is taking cover behind a medium object, such as behind a ram’s wheel.
  • Use the scope when engaging users at farther distances.
  • This weapon can also be used for Three Category Spam, although it does have a delay when switching between some weapons.


  • Be cautious when fighting any player wielding this weapon, because only the top players in the game that have won the Pro League can obtain this weapon. Though that is not the case anymore as it can also be obtained via coupons.
  • When caught in a sniper duel, take time to aim while strafing to avoid getting hit.
  • Strafe as much as possible to waste their ammo.
  • Avoid being out in the open when there is a sniper present.
  • The 0xbadc0de is a great counter, paired with the Shadow Spell, Multitaskers or Impulse Rifle, it can be proven very difficult to counter.
  • A close range shotgun (e.g. the Ultimatum) or a scoped Masterpiece Musket (at long range) can be a good choice if you lack instant travel weapons for your backup or special.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a backup Primary or Heavy weapon to finish players off or act as an emergency weapons when players get too close.


  • In the update log, it was referred as the "most powerful weapon". However, it performs similarly to other weapons in its class.
  • It can only be obtainable once the player has entered the Pro League and is in the top position during the tournament.
  • Now it's the top 3 players.
  • From the Gallery update, players can get the Ultra Beam from the gallery for 500 tickets.
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