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The Upgraded Magazine is a non-elemental module introduced in the 16.2.0 update.


It appears to be a pair of assault rifle magazines with a blue rubber band on them.


It is used to insert in a Primary weapon so that it can be part of a module combination.


Level Modules required Shards required Buff Shards needed to extract Amount of power it consumes
I None None +5% reload speed 1 shard 1
II 5 level I Upgraded Magazines 25 shards +5% reload speed (total: +10% reload speed) 5 shards 5
III 5 level II Upgraded Magazines 50 shards +10% reload speed (total: +20% reload speed) 15 shards 10
IV 5 level III Upgraded Magazines 200 shards +10% reload speed (total: +30% reload speed) 20 shards 15
V 5 level IV Upgraded Magazines 500 shards +20% reload speed (total: +50% reload speed) 25 shards 20


The combinations in which this module can be used in are the Turbo Charger and the Piercing Shells.


  • Despite its name, it increases the reload speed and not ammunition.
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