aka lifedollars

  • I live in Somewhere in America
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Male
  • Bio hi there whats up oh good to know see ya later bye
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 Hey {{{l<insert name here>}}}, and welcome to the world of...


yeah the names really stupid.

i know...

i got the name 2 years ago. in EARLY 2015.

My Sploder Account

About My Sploder Account

PG3D name


Current Loadout

Minigun Shotgun

Dead Star (UP1)

A Really OP Weapon

Laser Bouncer

Adamant Sniper Rifle

Solar Power Cannon (PG3D)

Weapons (in my opinion) NOT to buy (More Coming Soon)

  • Plasma Rifle because it is just bad unless you are a hacker.
  • Infiltrator, because it does so little damage per shot and it doesn't fire THAT fast.
  • Balloon Cannon because it doesn't seem like it belongs in primary. Maybe premium, but it also has a bad capacity and SINGLE SHOTS?! What the heck? It is only good in Sandbox because you can use it effectively.
  • Charge Rifle. Because you have to hold the fire button for SO LONG to maximize damage. And if you don't fully charge up, it probably doesn't even get to life points decreasing! Plus, you die before you fully charge up, possibly.
  • Mr Deejay Because it has no ammo. And you would waste 80 gems on something that's best in Sandbox. And who likes Sandbox anyway?! Why is it backup anyway? Probably bc Sandbox needed a backup Sandbox weapon. Why not make it Love Spell? It is a matchmaking weapon! (And a lethal weapon)
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