8 Bit Heroine

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Female
8 Bit's skins

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Im The 8 Bit Heroine!

I'm an experienced pixel gun player and I'm also a rollback on this wiki. Being rollback means I primarily work on undoing vandalism. If you need anything at all don't hesitate to ask!


Stuff I do

You can usually find me in coop survival in the arena map or Team battles in Aztec. I also like to hang around the no kill servers sometimes (usually to mess with people). Im Lv 27 and don't have a clan currently (if your making one il gladly join) I have most of the non gem weapons altho I do have some weapons that costs gems now since I bought them with coins before the price was changed to gems. I don't talk that much when I play but I like to answer people's questions so please ask. Seriously ask I get pretty lonely sometimes...

Oh and of course I also edit articles on the wikia and am quite active on the discussion board =)


Stuff I use

8 Bit Heroin&#039;s Cape

This the custom cape I wear

PRIMARY: Photon Shotgun, Crystal Mega Destroyer and Crystal Mega Destroyer for coop survival

BACKUP: Dual Revolvers

"MELEE: Fire Demon

SPECIAL: Freeze Ray Rifle and Prototype

PREMIUM: Anti-Gravity Blaster and Dragon Breath

ARMOUR: Ruby Helmet and Adamant Armour

OTHER STUFF: My rainbow bomb cape, generic headphones/crown, and hypnosis LOL ☆彡


Other random stuff about me

  • I absolutely refuse to watch a movie without popcorn
  • I have had and deleted over 50 apps from my tablet
  • If I start reading a book I get so absorbed into it but if I stop reading it for too long I lose interest immediately.
  • I am extremely opinionated
  • I read manga and watch anime every now and then. 2 of my favourites are Ouran Highschool Host Club and Free! (Don't judge me)
  • I used to be completely obsessed with turn based, single player, RPGs.
  • I once ate French toast for 3 days straight (100% True)
  • I can never understand why people like broccoli!?
8 Bit Profile Greeting
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