• I live in Rashidun Caliphate
  • My occupation is Burning Churches
  • I am Sigma Male


Hi there {{{l<insert name here>}}} and welcome to this Wiki Go away, you're hideous. I'm (not) Bash, and I'm (not) human, but thats needless to say because you know that I'm not an alien, and clearly you know that it is not an alien editing my account. Happy (Sad) editing and don't forget to come back and love our wiki leave as I never want to see your hideous face ever again. Sincerely, Bashihbk01 (not an aliens name).

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Former Bureaucrat and a Tribute. That's all you need to know.

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August 25 [14:33]
This is my message bubble :D
I'm a hooker, you know, I sell hooks for ya'lls fishin.
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