Great Killa OE

aka GK[OE],Great Killa SW,GK[SW],GK[OE/SW]

  • I live in The Universe
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Trying to improve my aim and trying to 3 cat spam
  • I am An Organic Life Form.
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Hey there, {{{l<insert name here>}}}. My name is Great Killa OE .I am a normal PG3D player who has above-average skill and has decent aim. I don't really know how to make an entertaining profile page, but this is the best that I can do. Feel free to read ahead!


There was one time when I met a friend of mine and saw him playing a game called "Minecraft PE"on his ipad. I thought it looked fun to play so I wanted to download it on my own iPad. But when I searched "Minecraft PE", I found out that it needed money to download. I was disappionted, because I didn't have any money and couldn't download it. I scrolled down the list of related applications, hoping to see a free version of Minecraft, and I found a game that looked similar to Minecraft called Block city wars. I downloaded it and found out although it wasn't entirely like minecraft, it was still fun to play. It was pixelated like minecraft and you could buy cars and guns and all sorts of things. It also had many modes. Block City Wars became the first game I played, and was one of the games that I liked most. One day I saw a special offer in BCW, saying that if I downloaded "Pixel Gun 3D" I could get some BCW currencies. I downloaded PG3D immediatly, and found it was like BCW, so I started playing PG3D too. Slowly the BCW devs became inactive, and there weren't many updates, so lots of people quit BCW. I thought BCW was not interesting anymore, so I became a full time PG3D player.


I started playing PG3D in the 10.0.0 update. Back at that time when Impulse Sniper Rifle was the best sniper and could 2 shot. At that time my best weapon was Heavy Shocker(I was crap and didn't even know it was a short range weapon LOL), and I only played Team Fight and Flag/Point capture(I was too scared to go to Co-Op, Deathmatch and Duels, cuz I was just a kid back then.Stupid me eh?)I watched free ads and got lots of coins and gems. One day the game rented me Stinger and it was a 2 shot. I thought it was OP and got it for 85 gems. I got Anti hero at lvl 15. I used them till Lvl 22, where I changed stinger to Laser Minigun. I was a heavy spammer for a long time(Trash me), and rarely used other weapons. At higher levels there were many pro players and I was crap, so I quit PG3D for some time.

I didn't exactly remember when, but when I came back to PG3D, there were craft weapons, and I got rekt by champion weapons. Third Eye was a 1 shot at that time. Luckily I bought Piranha, and it could kill with 3-4 rockets(Very OP considering its a multiple shot weapon), so I became a good player, until I reached Lvl 32. Piranha became a 2 burst kill(12 rockets), and was trash, so I had to buy Stakegun, Military Grenade Launcher,and Good Doctor. I was barely able to fight the pro players with Future Police Rifle and Supercharged Rifle, so I quit again. It was at the start of the Phoenix season battle pass.This time,for 10 monthes.

I came back(Again) during the "Operation Snow"battle pass. You only needed 3000 battle crowns to get to lv 30(100 per level, unlike today's battle pass, where you needed 100 for lvl 1-10, 150 for lvl 10-20,and 200 for lvl 20-30), and I did it, and got Night Hunter. It was very OP back then, like today's Storm Trooper Exo. Then, during the magic season battle pass, my PG3D somehow overloaded and crashed every time I try to play online modes, so I had to quit for a third time.

I rejoined PG3D in the beginning of the chess season. I got 2300 battle credits in the Operation Snow season, so after a liittle grinding I bought the battle pass. I have played from that time to present, and became a real strong player. (Im not actually a pro compared to other players on this wiki,Im just above-average).



  • Storm Trooper Exoskeleton(Super high DPS,fast fire rate,high capacity.One of the best automatic primaries)
  • Chickaboom (Has a very high damage per shot, with average fire rate and capacity. One of the best shotguns in the game)
  • Acid Shotgun (Although it's spread is quite large, it has NO DELAY, making 3 cat spamming with it easier.)
  • Viking (Long range and insanely high damage. I one shot a guy with full armor on the body even though I was some distance away! Only drawback is the delay)


  • Ritual Revolvers(3 headshot,4-5 bodyshot,and with burning and no delay plus 16 capacity and 94 fire rate? One word:Awesome!)
  • Dual Anger (2-3 headshot, 3-4 bodyshot, with 12 capacity, fast reload speed, no delay, and 94 fire rate. Recommended for 3 cat spam. Suffers from inaccuracy at long ranges though)
  • Exterminator(Has a very high damage for a Legendary weapon, can 1 headshot and 2 bodyshot. Best backup for 3 cat spam if you can avoid the delay)
  • Laser Cycler(2 headshot and 3 bodyshot, with a high capacity and only input delay. Awesome backup for 3CS. Oh, it has ricochet too, that's the icing on the cake)


  • Combat yo-yo(This has a hidden chainsaw attribute,and can wall break without literally breaking tht is capable of 1 swing kill if all shots hit. Best melee in my opinion)
  • Heroic Epee(Self healing ability! 12% hp per second! Literally the best melee for utilty. Has great attack power too! 2-4 hit kill with 85 mobility!)


  • Poison Darts (2 bodyshot despite having a grade of Epic. No delay, high capacity, and high mobility. Needs skill to use though, as it's hitbox is tiny. My favourite 3 cat spam weapon so far)
  • NOTIK (Deals high damage and has no delay. Has a tiny area damage too)


  • Anti Champion Rifle(99% 1 shot sniper with wall break and insanely high damage per shot, very OP)
  • Sniper Exoskeleton (Although the crosshair is weird and needs some time to get used too, it has high damage, can 1 headshot a bodyshot. The fire rate is quite fast too (73), and...HUGE AMMO CAPACITY!!! 20!!! You won't be worrying about running out of ammo with this beast.)
  • Digital Sunrise (Although a bit nerfed, it can still 1 bodyshot with the right modules and bleeding. Easy to aim, fast fire rate, and 14 capacity. One of the best sniper in the game)
  • Morgana (1 shot no matter what. You get the point)


  • Proton Freezer/Primal Beast(Very good for rocket jumping and has high damage, 2 shot)
  • Big B's Oven (Surprisingly, it didn't get much of a nerf in the new update even though it's the most broken heavy weapon among all clusters. With right modules, it can still one shot with cluster bombs. AND a capacity of 7, with 74 fire rate. Just broken.)


Somehow I like math a lot.I love doing sports,especially football.I also like playing with LEGO TECHNIC products.

I LOVE MINECRAFT ANIMATIONS!!! Especially those made by Black Plasma Studios.I really want to learn how to animate,though I still haven't started learning it.

I am usually friendly to people if they mean no harm.

I also play Block City Wars,Minecraft(Chinese version that doesn't need money),and (sometimes)Hungry shark Evo

I am trying to 3 cat spam, although I suck at it.

I live in China.

My In-game ID is 77025219.If you wanna friend me, please state who you are on this wiki, or else I might reject your friend request.

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