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Hi, {{{l<insert name here>}}}! my name is....

Like ill ever tell you :P

Anyway, about my pixel gun 3d account. The first time I played pixel gun was in March 2014, but like a week after I started, my data deleted so I left the pixel gun community.


I decided to start over, only to realize that pixel gun was corrupted and survival was nerfed. All I did for a while was play co-survival and get loads of coins. I had tons of guns and no armour. Then the christmas update came... GEMS RUINED IT FOR ME. I still had good guns, but I needed to pay for gems. I got a gift card for Christmas, so I used £5.00 from there to get gems. That's how I have good guns today.

My profile:

Helmet - Serious man's hat/ Crystal Armor, (varies).

Armour - Ruby Armour UP2

Cape - Hitman Cape UP1

Boots - Beserk Boots UP1

Primary - Hellraiser UP2

Back up -Hitman Pistol

Melee - Fire Demon UP1

Special - Prototype UP2

Premium - Dragon Breath

Lvl 26.

Also, join the many things wiki. It's really fun. Its not on google yet, so just go to my profile page and click, 'MANY THINGS WIKI'

UPDATE: As of September 12 2015, I will have stopped contributing to this wiki.

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