• I live in In a pineapple under the sea
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is Inhaling and exhaling oxygen
  • I am ᴛʜᴇ Cookie Monster

The Basics About Me in PG3D

My in-game name is Agent Nugget. I am a mix between a casual and serious player. I've never spent a cent on PG3D. I joined around late 2017. after a few months, I got bored with the game. I started playing other games, and none of them seemed as interesting as PG3D. So I decided to come back. when I did, I heard of a tactic called “3 cat spam”. I then watched a few videos on it and attempted it. My first 3 cat spam weapons were the Exterminator, Laser Bouncer, and Shaman’s Bow. My aim was terrible back then, so I dropped the tactic pretty quickly. However, after a month of training in private “No-kill” servers (I pissed off a lot of daters lmao) I had better aim and I developed a tactic where I lol rocket jumped and spammed Prototype S and Primal Beast, or Poison Darts and Exterminator.

The Basics About Me on the Wiki

I joined around over a year ago (I was really childish then) and I just posted some dumb comments. After that, I became inactive (the same time I became inactive in the game). I came back in the summer of 2019 because my friends in my neighborhood moved out. Since then, I’ve been contributing for fun and just talking to other wiki members.

What I Hate in PG3D

I hate Primary spammers. I also hate trash talkers. I hate P2Winners. I've only met one P2W trash-talking Primary spammer (thank goodness). All the guy did was rocket jump and spam the Royal Fighter, and occasionally a few blasts from the Witch Broom and Destruction System.

Other Games

The only other games that I like to play are PVZ (Plants vs Zombies), Brawl Stars, Piano Tiles, and Minecraft.
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