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aka 汉文-英文 翻译者

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  • I live in 长乐区, 福州,福建,中华人民共和国
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Contribute to Wikias, 汉文-英文 翻译菜鸟 (really, I am trash at translation) :(
  • I am 2002出生,17岁,男

Hey there {{{l<insert name here>}}}

  • I play on: iPhone 6/Plus
  • I do not have favorite Youtuber, but I have a favorite Youkuist! :)
  • Level 65 (Finally, after 1+ month of grinding from level 55)
  • I am bilingual (both orally and in written form):
    • PRC Standard Mandarin (Putonghua) as my 1st language, knows Simplified and Traditional Hanzi.
    • American English as 2nd language.
  • Username is now varied for the 'Merican acccount
    • For Chinese account.... will be something else.
  • I am both P2W noob and F2P pro.
  • I have 2 Apple IDs total (first one is 'Merican App Store and another one is Chinese).
  • I play this game in Chinese language (even though its translations are trash LOL!)
    • Oh wait, I play games in that has Chinese translations available.
  • Favorite skin is Champion League Skin
    • Made Zatsune Miku skin. Next is Hatsune Miku! :)
  • Edits in multiple Wikia across the FANDOM.
  • Zh-En song translator as mentioned in my profile above but I am trash... :(

Weapon Setup:

  • Champion Peacemaker (That Efficiency Per Second plus Capacity....)
  • Champion Mercenary (Useful to finish off opponents who survived CSC/ACR.)
  • Dark Force Saber (This is to pair with the Champion weapons' color, even though DFS does not belong to the Champion family. One of the the fastest melee back in the old day, and it still is).
  • Champion Electric Arc (Bzzzz, Bzzzz, Bzzzz. Piercing shot means crowd control).
  • Anti-Champion Rifle (OP Efficiency per shot, I treat this as a King card in Sniper Tourny).
  • Usually Supercharged/Guerilla Rifle in Sniper Tourny minigame.
  • Champion Solar Cannon (1-2 rockets kill, can be used for Rocket Jumping).


  • Burning Tiara
  • Halloween/Demolition Mask
  • Berserk Boot
  • Halloween/Heavy Champion Armor
  • Various capes depending what weapons I will use to solo a match.

Favorite Games (not in order):

  • Pixel Gun 3D
  • Soldier Inc. (I am Chinese-speaking minority in the game, majorities are Italian, French, German and English-speakers.)
  • Honkai 3rd Impact (Love my heroines! *Love*)
  • Boom Beach (came back to the game after inactive for 13 months)
  • Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal (RIP the game got shutted down)
  • Tanki Online (Inactive, may come back).
  • SAS 4 Zombie Assault (playing that game on my Jailbroken iPhone 4 LOL)
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