aka Usy L. Er

  • I live in my office (there is a bed in there)
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is I travel through time in a food bowl
  • I am shooting through the 17th century with a salmon in my mouth.

Welcome To My Profile Page

The only place where you, {{{l<insert name here>}}} can Message me, And overall learn more about me, Usyler

I have been playing the game ever since I bought it which was about a month ago

I'm also a rollback on this wiki which means that I can undo any vandalizations.  So if you see a vandal or a page vandalized, please tell me.

Find me on the game under the name Usyler.

Some more about me

  • Backup: I choose to use the Powerful Gift because of its scope and its high damage output. It helps me get out of trouble
  • Melee: I prefer the Emperor's Blade for my melee weapon since it has a better mobility than the Fire Demon and the damage is about the same.
  • Special: My special weapon choices fluctuate between the Prototype PSR-1 and the Chain Thunderbolt merely due to the fact that the railgun is amazing for sniping and the chain thunderbolt is very powerful close up.
  • Premium: The Armageddon purely for the fact that this is a 1-hit kill and is multi-target.

  • In loving memory of my wonderful cat sebastian, 1998~2014.

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