Hey guys, I know I posted this on the forums, but here's what I said just incase you guys check the blogs more than the forum:

Hey guys, I'm surprised I didn't tell you this earlier, but here it is:

I've been apart of another Pixel Gun 3D community for the past month or so. This is the Pixel Gun 3D Forums website! It was created by a user named VashX back in late-December, so it's fairly new. Anyways, the forum very recently underwent a change due to spammers and what not on the forum, however all is back now. 

So, in celebration of the forum's recent renovation, I figured I should spread news of this forum to you guys! VashX is hoping more community members will join the forum, so hopefully you guys can join it. Who knows? We might have a whole bigger community on there than ya think!

The web address is right here:

Hope to see you guys there! :D

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