Hey guys, Galli2001 recently appointed me as an Admin of the site! I am thankful for being apart of this community, as it is the first Wiki I've been an Admin of.

Anyways, I know this is late, but Update 5.3.0 came out about 2 weeks ago. I've been viewing the Weapons pages, and have discovered old images from past versions, as well as old stats from said weapons.

I know I've contributed a lot to this Wiki recently (I've made over 100 edits in a week!), however I don't want to seem like I'm carrying the whole Wiki on my shoulders. I know other contributors help out and such, however their info is either wrong, graffiti, or just not worded properly.

So, I request that any and all Admins and users of this Wiki please help out in keeping the weapons pages, as well as the mob pages up to date! I myself focused heavily on Pixel Gun 3D's multiplayer-related work (such as the new Deadly Games mode and newer weapons pages), however I don't play the campaign often enough to give info on it's story, or any and all mobs present.

So, I state this blog as a request to help me out with updating the pages, as well as making sure the right information is being put in the articles. I honestly hope me and Galli2001 aren't the only ones doing heavy work around here.

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