My top 10 list of best pg3d sniper rifles

1- Sniper Exoskeloton

This thing honestly just MELTS the player you are attacking which is honestly crazy. It isn't always a 1 shot body shot but the capacity is the thing that helps it with that.

2-Third Eye

You may be surprised that I put this on here but honestly it is really good and you could just shotgun them after you hit them in the body and the really high mobility.

3-Anti-Champion Rifle

All I have to say is that this thing needs to be a 2 shot because it is NOT EVEN FAIR when people use this on you.

4-One Shot

Ok I might have chose this because of the name but that is NOT true. This weapon is 1 shot body shot and 1 shot headshot so yeah.

5-Professional Bow

This is bad for 3 cat spammers but I just want to tell you that you BARELY need to charge this for a 1 shot everthing shot.

6-Black Hole

This is area damage sniper but it can't rocket jump anymore, and what REALLY ticks me off is that there is no headshot because of area damage. So this thing got wrecked.

7-Revolver Sniper Rifle

You might think that I am dumb for not putting this in front of the One Shot but I am not. I have had this gun shoot me so many times but it won't kill me for some reason... or maybe something else hit me

8-Laser Bow

I see this is very popular in my servers but it isn't the best. It is honestly really good but The thing is that this ricochet effect isn't always hitting people and in the gallery the ricochet actually does more damage.

9- Alien Sniper Rifle

This is basically the same as the laser bow but It has to reload. That is why it is worse.

10- Overseer

NOT EVEN A 2 SHOT BODY SHOT SOMETIMES? What a disapointment.

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