New Features

  • Strategy sections for all multiplayer maps.
  • Added videos and latest activity in the main page.
  • Added world chronology for worlds.

Other Changes

  • Updated images for weapons.
  • Redesigned Featured Article and MainPage templates. Moved links to the old navigation in the navigation slider.
  • Updated Community tab in the navigation.
  • Removed some scripts.
  • Updated Level Guide:
    • Renamed "Level Guide" to "Level Chronology", for better vocabulary.
    • Turned the items into horizontal, to shorten the infobox.
    • Added arrow symbols, for more visual language.
  • Replaced "RiliSoft" with "Pixel Gun Company" in PG3D articles.
  • Updated Hatches From information:
    • The sentences turned into lists.
    • Updated and used template for egg articles: (see Template:Egg for the documentation):
      • This template automatically turns the egg article name from singular into plural.
      • It will automatically link into the inserted article.
      • It will give a relevant text color for each inserted egg article.
  • Temporarily removed the WAM module, since it glitched the rail.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed spelling in one of the board descriptions.
  • Fixed issue where some scripts weren't working.
  • This issue cannot really be fixed, but the navigation slider performs much better when the page is loading.
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