I am taking a leave on pixel gun to be honest,the game,I allways come back to it,it’s addicting and all,but ever since this current update,I decided,I won’t play till we get to 16.0 for now,as 15.0 sucks.Let’s get to Era’s Era I(2013-2015) By far the best era and one,it had diversity and really great balancing at the time,the og guns like automatic peacemaker,prototype,golden laser cannon(Though technically a crystal,and adamant)and etc. Era II(2015-2017) Where do I even begin,this era was bad,all the new weapons come to overpower,this kind of era started to make most people leave the game,as weapons like epic-legendary-mythical clan weapons,(plus ghost lantern),this made me want to leave too. Era III(2017-2019) Errrr,it’s balancing like era I,but bad at balancing and coming with crappy op ideas like era 2,it’s more era 2 than it is one,which pisses me off,welp,it’s gotten to a mixed road so my new]xt one will touch on it at 2019.\ Btw leave a comment on what u had a problem on era 2-3

Weapon Hybrids,(Rilisoft will never add hyrbids,thank god) Rarity:Satanic(Above mythical,anything higher than this is called godly by now I guess) BlackCalibur(Black Mamba+Excalibur) Duel Laser Mercenaries(Dual Laser Blasters+Champion Mercenary) ElectroFists(ElectroSphere+Power Fists) Nitrogen Launcher(Nitrogen Sprayer+Like Launcher) Anti-Royal Rifle(Anti-Hero Rifle+Royal Sniper Rifle) Manga Ultimatuim(Manga Gun+Christmas Ultimatuim)

Gadgets Nuclear Shurikens,Ninja bullet,now with area damage Stealth Guardian,They see everything now,and snipe far. Demon Samurai,Bigger,tankier,stronger,faster,better,apparently flies.