The Vampire Hunter is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It is a reskin of the Dater Hater.

The weapon is divided in two main parts, one being the area that is made for you to hold and is the location of the ammo. The other is the four barrels and the scope. It is black, gold and dark red. The projectiles that is peeking out of the barrels are white tipped needles likely made of a wood such as ash.


Despite having a long-range scope, this is also very effective at close-medium range as well. It has high damage, medium fire rate, low capacity, and average mobility. 


  • Use this weapon while ambushing players, so that you can get some damage in before they react.
  • This weapon is also good for stealth due to it being silent. However, do not go too close to an opponent, they will be able to hear you.
  • Do not stay in the same spot as enemies will likely want revenge.


  • Dramatic movement can make it hard for you to get hit.
  • Flanking and taking on a user from behind gives you more time to take them down.
  • Simply carry a weapon that is a one hit kill and have superior aim.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a weapon that can be used in close range, in case of a close ranged engagement.


  • It resembles the reskin of Dater Hater, but is halloween-themed has 14 rounds.
  • Although this weapon is a reskin of Dater Hater, this weapon has a bleeding effect whereas Dater Hater, does not.
  • It used to be a one shot, but it, along with most other clan weapons, is nerfed for balancing reasons.
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