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The Voodoo Doll is a non-elemental module introduced in the 16.2.0 update.


It appears to be a brown ragdoll with two pins on it, a pair of blue eyes and a frown face.


It is used to insert in a Special weapon so that it can be part of a module combination.


Level Modules required Shards required Buff Shards needed to extract Amount of power it consumes
I None None +10% effect duration 1 shard 1
II 5 level I Voodoo Dolls 25 shards +10% effect duration (total: +20% effect duration) 5 shards 5
III 5 level II Voodoo Dolls 50 shards +10% effect duration (total: +30% effect duration) 15 shards 10
IV 5 level III Voodoo Dolls 200 shards +10% effect duration (total: +40% effect duration) 20 shards 15
V 5 level IV Voodoo Dolls 500 shards +10% effect duration (total: +50% effect duration) 25 shards 20


The combination in which this module can be used in is the Shock. The Shock, which also requires the Special Magic Module and the Battery, deals lightning damage in the area around the player.


  • A giant replica of the Voodoo Doll can be found in Checkmate, though the replica has a few appearance modifications, like the eyes.


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