Weapon groups are the group of a weapon and a weapon sets. The weapons that is separated can be separated by it's Skin, Event and ETC. There is normal group and event groups.

Normal Groups

Beginner set - Low-Level Weapons

Picture Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting type + Effect
Shotgun Common Shotgun - Fun to watch those spliting bullets along with people -Shotgun
Pixel gun Common PG3D's Original gun. WOW!!!!! -Single shots
Combat Knife Common That's small. BUT THAT THING IS HARMFUL -Melee
Flamethrower Common Ooo.. Burn burn my enemy -Flame-Thrower


Sniper Rifle Common It's zoom will give you a kill. -Single shots

-10X zo0m

Signal Pistol Common You are so sure to beat this flare? -Single shots

-Area Damage

Machine gun Common p.pp.p.p..p.p. Thats a rapid shot! -Automatic

On overall this set of weapon is very bad for pro players. Because it is beginner guns. However, Those items are very useful on battle royale mode since everybody have same base health. Best strategy for this gun is to use signal pistol and flamethrower very often since those weapons deal very high damage and it is also good for people who have bad aim.


Bow Group

Picture Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting type + Effect
Hunger Bow Just a normal bow. At least you can hunt down a flying pig.
Crossbow It's Crossbow or nothin' - This bow comes with neat design and high damage
Magic bow Magical bow. It gives you free fire on your body apon contract.
Cupid's bow Do you wish for somebody to be heartbroken? USE THIS!!!
Tactical bow Bow with tons of modifications. NOICE!
Laser bow Bows now came with lasers. OH NOW LOOK AT MY WEAPON.
Astral bow Portable laser bow. Good for Surprises!!!
Shaman's Bow Legendary shaman's bow. It is said to be cursed with people who got shot by it
Bow of spirit Vengeful spirit inspired this bow. Prepare for a huge revenge!!!
Skull Crossbow Kinda spooky crossbow with zoom and it is also very silent. Single shots

8X zoom


Frozen Lich bow Freezing bow that was made by undead frozen lich Single shots

Slows the target

Area damage

On this group is about a bow in all of the categories. Most of the bows are sniper and some are special. The bow are the weapon that required very good aiming. Only Laser bow and tactical bow have the zooming option so it can be used as a real sniper.


Minigun Team

Picture Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting type + Effect
Automatic Peacemaker

M1 and M2

N/A Prototype Automatic Peacemaker. Comes with a black-yellow checkered skin.
Automatic Peacemaker


Epic Full filled version of automatic peacemaker M1 and M2. Colorful and Strong!
Champion Peacemaker Mythical Elite automatic peacemaker. Better than original version.
Hand Gatling Mythical Reminds you of the old times stuff - Comes in handy and also powerful as well
Nail minigun Epic I don't have responsibility for you if you got nailed by a nail. -Automatic


Minigun pistol Epic Small in size. But it is also epic as the others.
Excaliber Mythical Triple barrel minigun. But it is cool in royal clan skin!

Kinda high fire rate guns. Sad thing is their damage. the damage of the gun is low because of the high fire rate. The damage is low because there is too much ammo and too high fire rate. But if the shooter is already good at aiming then the damage won't be their problem.


Shotgun Variations

Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting type + Effect
Shotgun Common Shotgun - Fun to watch those spliting bullets along with people
Shotgun Pistol Legendary Do not judge the book by it's cover - This shotgun pistol is small but i am sure you are going to be mad if it got you.
Photon Shotgun Common Burning bullets should be enough for this gun.
Heavy Shotgun Legendary Who cares if it is heavy. At least it can just shot you in a face
Dual shotguns Rare Two hands holding it. Double the danger!
Triple musket Mythical Only thing that is abusive - Triple barrel. I wanna know how the gun can be shot
Mega Destroyer Some gun that is possibly a modern gun.
X-mas Destroyer Christmas version of Destroyer. ColahFull
Sawed-Off Shotguns Now you can have a smallest version of shotgun. But it cames in 2
DB shotgun Rare 2 Barrels shotgun. Thats awesome!
Prehistoric shotgun Using materials from animals. Ancient technology went further than we thought.
Assault shotgun Military grade shotgun. Colored in camo. Watch out for the military!!!!
Predator With this gun your soul will be full-filled with Hunter's soul
Steam power Its a triple barrel shotgun that doesn't split ammo like triple musket.
Devastator Crush them WITH THE DEVASTATOR!!
Last kiss After this kiss. You won't get another.
Lucky strike Top 10 most lucky anime characters. Number 1 - Lucky strike.
Rhino Charge into the enemies with the ultimate heavy shotgun "Rhino"
Viking I wonder how they made dual use weapon. I mean how an axe and shotgun can be mixed?


Long range sniper shotgun. Also the shotgun with highest accuracy
Ultimatum First ever laser shotgun. It can pwnd you even you are behind the walls.
Dino slayer Special Mega Destroyer that is made to kill dinosaurs!
Space Devastator Space shotguns are as strong as the other goods!
Gift Snatcher I don't fe fe fe fe fe fe feel so good .fe fe fe fe fe feel so good fe fe fe. I feel so good.

Shotguns are weapon that split it's bullets when shot. Those weapon have very high chance that at least 1 bullet will hit the player. But if all the bullet hit the player then it will deal a very high damage. The best shotgun for free to play is Dino slayer. Because of its damage and accuracy. but for pay to win it is ultimatum.


Champion Maniac

Picture Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting type+


Champion Peacemaker Mythical Elite automatic peacemaker. Better than original version.
Champion Mercenary Mythical Mercenary in red. Can defend you very well.
Champion Electric Arc Mythical Solid red shocking ray. Shoots out unlimited source of electric.
Anti - Champion rifle Mythical Heroes were dead. Now there are only champion and we have to exterminate them all!
Champion Solar Cannon Mythical Ultimate killing blast from the sun! Now the sun is very red and you have to be paid by being killed

Champion weapons are the reskinned type of weapons. Main price of it is for champion league pay to wins. Nowadays those guns are removed for the reason that it is the very op sets of guns.


Adamant Epics

Picture Weapons Grade Description - Your own

Shooting type + Effect

Adamant Laser cannon Legendary PEW PEW! This laser gun will give you a cute pew in your face.
Adamant Revolver Legendary Revolver from the streams of the steam are totally lost. Nowadays Pixels made a brand new one.

Sniper rifle

Legendary Best way for you to snipe others rapidly.


Legendary The laser spear make sense.
Adamant bomber Legendary Wowowowowwoow the balls of doom are here.

No matter how champion weapons were removed the adamant weapons still stay. Because the adamants were not as op as champion weapons. Only adamant laser cannon and revolver have same max damage as original one. Others are ahead the original version. The adamant weapons are also the ones that cost coins instead of a gems. Recommended one is toy bomber - It can split the balls around and explode others randomly.


Industrial Set

Weapons Grade Description - Your own Shooting type + Effect
Industrial Nailer Legendary Don't forget the futuristic nailer. Right now metal nails can't hurt you. But, LASER ONES CAN!
Pizza Heater Legendary Pizza Heater - Powering Electric deaths.
Jet Tenderizer Legendary Spin around to charge the damage. Then, STRIKE!
Laser Rings Legendary A Masterpiece of a complex rings. Can create a huge electric pulse anytime when danger is near.
Particle Accelerator Legendary Particle sniper that creates a laser line. LASER LINE ALSO HAVE BOUNCING ABILITY!!
Energy Drill Legendary It's charge creates a spinning laser drill. When deployed the drill will drill through everything until it hits the hard object.

Industrial sets are the weapon with grey and orange body. The bullet that is shot out were also lasers. The recommended one is Energy drill. It can damage your enemy in a huge area when fully charged. But if you don't like to wait for long then you should use other weapons. Also another one that is recommended is Particle accelerator. It's ammo is laser which can go straight and make a hit on enemies and it's laser also can bounce which gives laser more chances to hit your enemy. It is very useful when enemy is hiding behind something because if there is a wall behind their hiding place then you can shoot the wall behind in the right angle to hit your enemy.


Event Groups

The Cybernetic Christmas - Christmas event 2017

Picture Weapon Grade Description - Your own Shooting Type + Effect
Laser Assistance Mythical Only assistant that doesn't work out by speaking. But, They do shoot out burning lasers! -Automatic

-Critical Damage


Dual Cyro


Mythical Used to have a homing icicles. Right now it is just an ordinary Cyro pistols that can only slow you down. -Single shots

-Slow downs the target


Christmas Ultimatum Mythical An explosive Christmas tree shooter. Comes with even more explosive stuff when then tree hit something. -Single shots

-Area damage

-Cluster bomb

Cyber santa set - The first event set. The set comes with Laser Assistance, DC pistols, Christmas Ultimatum and Cyber santa armour set. On this set it is obtainable from the mystery chances game. On this set the dual cyro pistols are the best with Christmas Ultimatum. But today DC pistols are nerfed and no longer have Homing missiles ability. Laser Assistance can be use with very good aim peoples. If the aiming person is good then they can kill others efficiently and you can also use Christmas Ultimatum for a 1 shot killing.

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