The Whip with Cake is a Melee weapon added in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time during the Christmas holidays in the Armory.


It is a Christmas-themed yo-yo that damages players in close range. It has good damage, a slow fire rate, and good mobility. It is 1-2 shots along with the Combat Yo-Yo.


It appears as a reskin of the Combat Yo-Yo. It has an extremely small cake, with sprinkles and a happy face on it. Unlike the Combat Yo-Yo, the cake of this weapon is thicker than the Yo-Yo of the Combat Yo-Yo.


The user will throw the yo-yo in front of him/her. The yo-yo reaches the opponent and damages any enemy that is touched by this yo-yo. It can also go through walls and damage the player 2-3 times for every time they hit the player, due to the existence of the hidden chainsaw attribute.



  • This weapon has a large range and does more damage than the Combat Yo-Yo, so use it at any opportunity where you can possibly get a hit in.
  • Use it like the Combat Yo-Yo.
  • Only use this in close range as it's a melee weapon.
  • Try hitting enemies through the wall as this weapon also has wall break like the Combat Yo-Yo for some reason.


  • Like the Combat Yo-Yo fight fire with fire and beat them at their own game.
  • This weapon has a lower mobility than most melee weapons, so you can outrun people who use this.
  • Attack the user from long range.
  • Attack the user from behind.
  • Jump around the user so you don't get hit.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring any long-ranged weapon.



Initial release.


  • This weapon does not really resemble a whip, as the handle of this weapon is more like the handle of the Combat Yo-Yo (circular) rather than the handle of a whip (cylindrical).
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