The Witch's Sheep Cauldron is a Special weapon introduced in the 16.5.0 update but unavailable until the 16.6.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time as part of the Trader's Van event in the armory.


It takes the form of a small cauldron with a sheep's head at the front, holding a bubbling purple potion. And a small wand with a small sheep figure on top of it.

The player will stir the wand in the solution until the fire button is released, when released, it shoots a purple projectile, which will turn an enemy into a Sheep.

When an enemy is turned into a sheep, he/she cannot use any weapons or gadgets and the camera will switch to a third person perspective. The screen will also say "You turned into a sheep". As a sheep, the affected enemy can move, jump, and attack in the same way a pet sheep would. The affected enemy will revert back to normal 5 seconds later.



  • Move around while charging up the shot, to avoid getting hit.
  • Make sure you are behind cover or not out in the open while using this weapon.
  • You can hold the charge indefinitely, this is useful when waiting for targets or when the target is out of the line of sight.
  • Due to its mobility, it is not recommended to equip the weapon when traveling around the map, switch to a melee weapon with high mobility instead.
  • This weapon can be used to make enemies vulnerable by making them unable to attack.
  • When an enemy turns into a sheep, switch to another weapon and finish them off.
  • Use this to annoy/aggro enemies into attacking you.
  • If possible, use this against the biggest threat towards your team, such as a highly skilled player, or a 3-cat spammer.
    • If one team is coordinated enough, try sticking together and have the designated user turn enemies into sheep, then have the other teammates finish the affected enemy off.


  • Pick off the user at long range
  • Area damage or high fire rate weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Try to wait until the user fires its charged shot, and then attack.
  • If you were turned into a sheep, try disengaging from the battle and retreat to cover.
    • If someone else is a sheep, try covering them as they retreat back.
  • Try to avoid getting into the user's line of sight or general aiming direction.
  • Use the low mobility as an advantage and outmaneuver the user using high mobility weapons.
  • Use throwing gadgets such as Frag Grenades to damage or kill users from cover.
  • Use one shot kill weapons to take them out quickly before they notice you.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Have a backup weapon for dealing with enemies at close-medium ranges.



A player that has been turned into a sheep. Note that the text is in Russian.

  • It is the first weapon to feature an ability to turn enemies into another creature.
  • Currently, there is a developer oversight where the text notifying that a player has turned into a sheep will be in Russian, regardless of the language
  • This weapon might be a reference to the wizard zombie from plants vs zombies 2 as the zombie turns plants into sheep.
  • It is the most expensive coin weapon of all and broke Anti-Champion Rifle's cost by 50 Coin.
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