The Zombie is one of the most common enemies in the game and is one of the most basic enemies in the game. It is also the one of the few original mobs in Pixel Gun 3D.


The old Zombie model and texture.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 6 Heart new Slow
Medium 2-3 Heart new 7 Heart new Slow
Hard 3 Heart new 8 Heart new Slow


The Zombie walks towards the player slowly with moderate maneuvering skills. It attacks by swinging its right arm towards the player.


It wears a tattered white shirt with short sleeves and a hole in the side showing its internal organs and ribs. It also wears ripped blue shorts. The skin on part of its face seems to be missing, exposing the skull. It has red eyes and its skin is a variety of green.

It also has a resemblance to the Minecraft Zombie.



  • It is one of the oldest mob added in the game.
  • The Zombie has been the foundation for the concepts of other monsters and even some bosses like Infected Truck Driver and Tortured Prisoner (as all of them look and act like zombies). It has been recreated and reworked in more ways than any other mob in the game. However, some of these variants such as Crook Zombie were removed.
  • It resembles zombies from the game Minecraft by Mojang.
  • Players often refer it as the "Injured Zombie".
  • It has the most variants out of all enemy types in the game.
  • It had smaller eyes in older updates, but they were made bigger for an unknown reason.


  • When fighting huge groups of zombies circle them so they are in one pack then use weapons with piercing shot on them or use weapons like the Ghost lantern or Soul Stone.
  • Using an area damage weapon when they are in a pack is advisable.
  • Any weapons will kill a Zombie quickly, as each Zombie (Excluding boss variants) is extremely weak individually, especially in early levels.
  • Rocket jump to get out of swarms.
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