The Zombie Slayer, formerly called the Zombie Hunter is a Backup weapon introduced in the 10.5.0 update.


It is a handgun with a gray slide, a dark green handle and a grey trigger with an undermounted flashlight, a and a light green Z on both sides of the slide.


It deals decent damage, good fire rate, average capacity, and decent mobility.


  • When fighting in longer ranges, use the mounted sight for better accuracy.
  • Always aim for the head, otherwise, it will be about several shots on the body against a player with the maximum obtainable armor on levels between 1 and 11.
  • Do not use this weapon during the entire length of the match, as you will be at a disadvantage due to the fact that you are exclusively using a pistol. You will easy be dominated by players with submachine guns and shotguns in close range and snipers and assault rifles in medium to long ranges.
  • Use this in medium-sized maps. It is not recommended to use this in small maps, as you will have a disadvantage against users using weapons with a higher rate of fire or higher damage. Do not use this long range maps, as there will be players having the advantage of taking you out from long ranges.
  • Don't stop dodging left and right while jumping and killing, especially against users with lower armor and less effective weapons.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • During close quarters combat, use a more effective weapon like the Fireball Spell, or other area-damage weapons so it will disorient the user.
  • Attack its users from behind.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have an effective close range weapon and a good sniper.


  • Despite it being called the "Zombie Slayer", monsters won't have a huge disadvantage against it.
  • This weapon is most likely based on the M1911 pistol with a red dot sight and a flashlight attachment.
  • This weapon is one of the smallest weapons in the entire game, not just in the category.
  • In the 13.5.0 update, this weapon's efficiency got buffed and it was given a combat level of 8.


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